What’s the best way to get your resume noticed?

Your résumé is a Marketing Material which has to sell your Personal Brand.  You need to create a resume that brings out the best of what you possess, and do it in such a way that it looks appealing enough to get their attention. There are many creative alternatives to get your resume noticed. Some of them are listed here.

  1. Tweet the company you want to work with, retweet and engage in their conversation, when the time comes just mention that you applied for a position in a retweet.
  2. Give a value proposition. List 3 areas where the company could improve, or the application, service can improve. List the ways how you can improve them, email the CEO with your creative solutions. You can use professional services like LinkedIn premium to get the CEO email. You can even directly send an Inmail to him. Most top end professionals rely on professional networks like LinkedIn. So there is a 100% chance that you can contact them directly.
  3. Build a custom website specifically tailored to the company you are applying for. For example look at the landing page created by nina who applied for airbnb. She eventually got better offers as stated by her in an youtube video.
  4. Create a custom video resume showcasing your skills. Check the video resume a person created.
  5. Networking. Don’t underestimate this word. If you live in big cities, there would be professional car pooling services, where you get professionals from all sort of companies sharing their way back home. All are verified with their company email ID. Just request and share a ride with them. Build relationship and ask about the company recruitments. They gladly help you. One such app is QuickRide.
  6. EVERYONE CHECKS LINKS TODAY—-Most of  recruiters admit to having viewed candidate’s online profiles/websites/ professional micro-sites. Weather you give them a link or not, they will look you up. So, you must include the link which presents yourself as an ideal candidate instead of having them stumble upon the one which you think doesn’t do justice to your expertise.
  7. USE RELEVANT KEYWORDS AND STREAMLINE THEM WITH THE JOB ADD—-60% of resumes that are reviewed by online filtration soft wares are rejected without being viewed by human eyes. Why? Because keywords form the basis of that filtration system. You can use key words relevant to your profession and skill set like “strategic planning” to pass through those screening tests. In addition to that, the keywords that you use should be tailored to the job posting/advertisement. To get a right keywords for your resume just upload your present resume on Jobscan  you will get right keywords for your resume.
  8. PRESENT A CRISP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY-NOT AN OBJECTIVE STATEMENT—-Instead of writing a fluffy statement like “Looking forward to a challenging job in reputable organization to utilize my skills for the growth of organization and myself ”, come up with a crisp statement (like a sales pitch) about yourself stating exactly who you are professionally and what you are looking for.
    Along with the hard copy of resume, add a QR code that directs to a mobile version of resume which showcases your skill-sets with live links to projects. This bridges the gap between the recruiter and you. You can create such resume easily with ResponsiveCV
    Mobile Resume Responsive CV
    Present yourself confidently everywhere, in online profiles/websites/answers/conferences/interviews etc. They speak for you in the absence of you. They make an important decision whether or not to get you to the interview.


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